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Small Dog Balloon Rain Boots


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  • Fits SMALL DOGS with paw length 3.5-5cm. Opening is tight at first but can be stretched with cardboard tube and placed on paw. For instructions on how to put on rubber dog boots, see this link:
  • Made from durable rubber for long-lasting protection.
  • Pack of four paw-protectors.
  • Sole grips for better traction.
  • Keeps paws clean and safe.

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5 reviews for Small Dog Balloon Rain Boots

  1. Ten c

    Balloon boots

    I did not like them too difficult to put on my little dogs paws.. on the positive side they are water proof just takes too long to get them on.

  2. Danielle Campana

    They Don’t Last!

    These were extremely difficult to get on my dog and then they got holes in them literally after 2 uses. They are not durable at all. They start out water resistant when they are not broken- but for 1-2 time use they are quite expensive.

  3. tteena

    Size not accurate/ no stretch

    I ordered two sizes, but neither size fit even though the measurements looked suitable…there was no stretch at all and it was impossible to even try to get opening big enough for a paw.

  4. Ana

    These stay on!

    I bought these because the opening seemed to be tapered so they wouldn’t easily fall off. My dog has small paws and about 18 lbs and a medium fit perfectly. It is a bit difficult to get them on but once on they stay on. The other balloon brands would fall off mid-walk and it was so annoying having to pull the up or worse going back to find them in the snow.

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  5. Care

    Far too small…waste of money

    Advertised as medium….not even close to fitting my 35 lb springerdoodle

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